Spotlight on: Toilets!

It’s not only the glamorous state rooms and impressive entrance halls which have to be cleaned and cared for at Nostell, as we have to do the toilets too! On the main visitor route through Nostell two bathrooms are entered – the Crimson bathroom and the State bathroom (so named because they are joined to the Crimson Bedroom and State Dressing Room respectively). The bathrooms were the focus of today’s winter clean, and are also the focus of today’s spotlight post!

We use the same set of equipment for the bathroom suites as we do for the other rooms – vacuum, pony hair and hogs hair brushes, white gloves, and record sheets. If anything, the bathrooms are some of the most important rooms to clean, because their white colour means that they show up the dust a lot!

Even the toilet bucket needs cleaning! There was some damage to the wicker handle which was recorded on the form, so that we can keep an eye on it and move the location of the bucket if necessary.

Just like some of Nostell’s grander furniture, the items in the bathrooms (for example towel racks and chairs) also have specially made dust covers.

The gilding on the fireplace is carefully brush vacuumed, with a soft pony hair brush.

Angie gets to grips with one of Nostell’s many toilets – it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

This is a similar-ish toilet to Nostell’s, but this one is in Blickling Hall in Norfolk, where some of the housekeeping team were sent away to get training on different aspects of conservation. Our training course will feature in some upcoming blog posts, so that you can see how we learn to care for the National Trust’s fantastic properties!

You’ll be relieved (sorry!) to know we’ve finished with the bathrooms now, and will be moving on to other rooms in the mansion. We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing work in one of the more unusual rooms of the house!


UPCOMING HIGHLIGHTS ON THE BLOG: posts on how housekeeping and conservation staff within the National Trust are trained to care for historic objects and buildings, secrets inside some of the furniture, and much more… As ever, if you have any particular requests for what you’d like to see, get in touch!


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