Housekeeping Training Blog Post No. 6

Metals. Hard, cold, dull, inanimate – yet shining, malleable (at a high temperature!), practical and decorative at the same time. Nostell has a good collection of kitchen copper which is in need of a clean, so we were looking forward to finding out about how to treat and care for metals during the housekeeping course. Metals should be very rarely dusted, and so other treatment is needed to care for them. Here are photographs of some of our activities:

Techniques for moving a large metal object correctly, in this instance a kind of large metal barbecue!

Polishing copper – the golden rule is ‘whatever you put on, you have to take off!’

Cleaning, polishing, and waxing metal pokers

Having a go at cleaning silver with a silver cloth

Hardworking National Trust employees cleaning iron and polishing copper at the metalwork session

Applying Autosol cream to cotton wool to polish some kitchen copper. It’s very important to wear nitrile gloves whilst handle metals, as grease and dirt from fingers would speed up deterioration of the metal

The metalwork part of the housekeeping course was particularly good as it was very much a ‘hands on’ session, and showed how humble pokers and copper pans are as important as ornate silver salvers and candelabras. Cleaning the metalwork at Nostell will be easy now that we have the skills to do it!



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