Secrets and Suites

On a routine basis in Nostell Priory we examine objects within the collection to clean them, check for pests, damage, and suchlike. This is most often during the winter closed period, when each item gets a deep clean. Doing this means that the house team see the secrets of the furniture, and we get to work with parts of objects which visitors aren’t usually able to view. We thought that we’d share a few of these secrets of the suites with you in today’s blog post.

This false door in Nostell’s library is one of the many secret and false doors within the house, and my personal favourite

Nostell is a very old house, so we have some very old keys to get into some of the rooms! The shapes on some of the oldest keys are really beautiful, and we have to hope that they won’t snap in the locks! The keys help to unlock many of the secrets within the Priory

Nostell’s glorious state bed. This room is usually very dark as we keep the curtains closed to protect the textiles in the room. However, to deep clean the room we opened the curtains and were able to see the bright colours of the bedclothes (shown in the photo below)

Bright pinks and greens on the State Bed cover, in an intricate pattern

The Gillows suite is cleaned with the museum vacuum and gauze

Each individual cushion gets a turn too!

Where can we safely store the cushions whilst the sofas are being cleaned? On another part of the suite, of course!

Pierre Golle’s cabinet in the Tapestry Room, made from (amongst other materials) ebony and marble

Look at the rather grand stately interior of the front compartment of the cabinet, it’s like a mini ballroom!

Look at the angle at which this drawer emerges – Golle must have been a very skilled craftsman

The side panels of the drawers are not as fancy as the front panel, but were still made with great skill

The drawers hide many surprises! We found draughts playing pieces in this chest of drawers in the Tapestry Room

Dusting the inside of the drawers

And there you have it – a few of the secrets within the suites of furniture within Nostell Priory. We hope that you’ve enjoyed having a sneaky look!



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